In 2009 Roanoke City Parks and Recreation started the Tree Steward Program in order to train volunteers to help with the city’s tree work.

Individuals who are interested in becoming Tree Steward Volunteers complete 26 hours of classroom and field training learning how to plant trees, prune trees, and educate the community about tree planting and tree care.

The course is offered free of charge and starts in January each year.  After completing the course, new “graduates” volunteer a minimum of 30 hours the first year and 20 hours per year in subsequent years.

To learn more contact  the Parks and Recreation Urban Forestry Planner.  You may also call 540-853-1994.

Tree stewards usually have work days 1 Wednesday and 1 Saturday per month.  We work for three hours at a pre-arranged location.  This location is announced on this website here.  We also meet one day for 3 hours per month to measure big trees that are being monitored for growth and health.

Here is a list of Roanoke Tree Steward Activities that are under the guidance of the Roanoke City Urban Forester.

  • Public education on tree related topics
  • Planting trees in public spaces
  • Pruning young public trees for proper structure
  • Removing street tree limbs that block sidewalks and parking lanes
  • Removing tree limbs from the walkways of the Roanoke River Greenway
  • Maintaining a register of big trees in the Roanoke Valley
  • Partnering with the non-profit organization Trees Roanoke to plant trees in public spaces to enhance the urban forest

The Roanoke Tree Stewards Executive Committee plans and organizes activities under the guidance of the city’s Urban Forester.  It meets the second Monday evening of every other month starting in January.  The committee can be contacted at info@roanoketreestewards.org.